Protect Your Endpoints with NEXTGEN Endpoint Security

Increase your cybersecurity defenses to better protect, detect, and respond to endpoint threats, even those designed to evade traditional security controls.

Reduce & Simplify the Threat Landscape

Leverage our experts and expand your visibility, attack response and increase your security with threat intelligence. Through our specialized threat-monitoring services, our experts can respond to endpoint threats faster, keeping your focus on your business.

Improve cybersecurity and help protect your business from the endpoint to the cloud. We help reduce adversary dwell time and deliver faster detection, prevention, and response, even against targeted and emerging threats. Detecting Indicators of Attack (IoA) and Indicators of Compromise (IoC)


Continuously remediating and performing daily automated scans and assessing risk on endpoints. Enabling us to identify new vulnerabilities in real-time, without affecting productivity.


Improve threat-hunting and forensic capabilities with contextual, actionable threat indicators on IPs, URLs, domains, and files known to harbor malware, phishing, spam, fraud, and other threats. Stop on-going attacks by blocking applications, killing processes, cleaning up startup folders, etc.

Reduce Risk in Your Business

Strong endpoint protection is critical since no technology stops all threats. Faster identification and prevention can help minimize downtime, financial loss, and damage to your reputation.