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Located in North America & Operating 24-7-365, SecLex diligently works to deliver an in-depth Managed Security and Consulting Services. Coordinating, analyzing, and responding to any IT/Cybersecurity request, in order to maintain productivity and overall efficiency for our clients. We provide white-glove services with the support of our strategic partners Bitdefender and Darktrace, a global leader in AI (artificial intelligence) cyber defense.


Understanding the daily challenges and cyber-threats organizations face, we have brought together an exceptional team of experts. The team consist of specialists, analysts, security engineers, and operations experts, who have endured similar challenges and scenarios. Utilizing past experiences allows us to deliver prompt solutions that help our clients maximize operations while maintaining security.


SecLex has had great success by creating and tailoring solutions based on each organization’s needs. We take a comprehensive approach to IT security combining people, process and technology and applying it across the network(s), data center(s) and end points. Strategically identifying the companies’ needs and their highest threats, it has enabled us to execute an array of solutions in order to improve production all while incorporating preventive security measures, a unique approach that not only differentiates us but is also what makes us successful.


Legacy security approaches no longer work. Our focus is to provide security assurance while freeing up our client’s internal resources- Doing it SecLex’s way, the NextGen way!


Our Mission:

To provide the most reliable information security services to everyone, everywhere.

Our Vision: 

Bringing Information Security to the ever-evolving world, one entity at a time.

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