Achieve Compliance to Regulatory Standards 

Our advisory, strategic and technical consulting portfolio helps you validate, test and audit for ongoing compliance management and custom configuration standards. We fix compliance deviations automatically to ensure that your organization is continuously compliant.  

Reduce & Simplify the Threat Landscape

Passing security audits is extremely vital but there are also great benefits to these regulations:  

Improve security - by creating baseline requirements. 

Reduces Risk - by preventing breaches. 

Maintain trust- costumers/members trust organizations with their information. By trusting that their information is safe. 

Implementing Compliance Requirements & Solutions 

SecLex solutions help keep risk at acceptable levels by auditing and implementing appropriate controls. Our tools effectively support business areas in their duty to comply with relevant laws, regulations, and internal procedures. 

Apply Controls and Solutions 

SecLex focuses on security and provides a broad portfolio of information security solutions and security consulting services to help your organization meet, exceed and maintain compliance. 

Regulations are Complicated & Continuously Changing 

The regulatory landscape evolves with threats and risks organizations are likely to face. Companies need to adapt and change to a regulatory risk-awareness culture. 

Realize Your Current State of Compliance 

Our security and risk management specialist helps you navigate the perplex list of security compliance standards and frameworks, assess your current controls against requirements and guide subsequent changes that you are required to meet.