SecLex brings peace of mind by delivering cybersecurity monitoring, detection, and response to help you prioritize vulnerabilities that require patching. Also, address security incidents that require investigation to improve your overall security posture. 

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Security Monitoring

& Compliance Controls

Provides 24×7 monitoring of your on-premises and cloud resources to identify advanced threats, and customized reporting to meet the requirements of most compliance regulations. 

SecLex goes beyond MDR by providing a NextGen powered 24x7 SOC monitoring your environment, powered by Darktrace’s world-leading AI. The Enterprise Immune System combines real-time threat detection, digital visualization, and advanced investigation. With the capabilities to protect against cyber-threats by understanding your business’s DNA and the ability to respond to an attack within seconds.   

Managed Security

SecLex provides NextGen managed security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service. A complete advanced managed detection and response with 24×7 monitoring for vulnerability assessment, threat analysis, and incident response.  Powered by Artificial Intelligence a resilient, self-defending digital force.


Detection & Analytics

SecLex provides endpoint intelligence and enhanced threat detection capabilities that give our security experts complete visibility and control to endpoints. It detecting Indicators of Attacks (IoA) and Indicators of Compromise (IoC). Protect endpoints by intelligently blocking attacks with a unique combination of machine-learning attribute analysis and real-time behavior analysis. 

Threat Detection & Response


Log collection and monitoring to further investigate incidents.  

Integrates with your existing security technologies to provide complete visibility into any cyberattack(s) that escape your perimeter defenses and compromise your IT infrastructure. Endpoints out in the wild are also protected by our cloud security.