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Why Choose SecLex?

  • Customized IT Solutions - Integrate voice and data into your sales, improve communications, and business applications into your CRM. All to be optimized with the Farmers eCMS software for increased productivity and overall efficiency.

  • Cybersecurity - Fully manage and protect your network and devices from any cyber threats. 24x7 continuous security monitoring and operational administration of all devices. Protecting your valuable assets. ​

  • IT Services – 24/7 IT service support. Attend to all technology related task & issues. Technical assistance with any technology devices such as workstation, computers, laptop, and printer set-ups etc.

  • Scale Operations - SecLexs' solutions and technical support to your sales and service teams are instrumental to the return on investment. It increases security and productivity which facilitates scalability for the agency. 

  • ​​Contact Center – Quick on-going support for all your technical advance needs. Unlimited remote support by experienced technicians. Our help desk techs are available 24/7 on demand to help with any need.​

  • Mobility - Facilitate a remote workforce without any disruption. SecLex helps Farmers achieve a seamless transition toward a remote workforce. Assisting your employees anywhere anytime.


A Quote From Our Partners

"SecLex has done an excellent job for me thus far and it’s saved me and my employees an incredible amount of time.  I don’t ever worry about any tech or cyber security issues, they resolve them all for me. "

Enrique Morales

District 86

Farmers Insurance Agent

David Sanford.jpg

"Since working with SecLex, I have noticed that there is no longer a communication gap between my applications, they have provided my office with a complete solution for IT and Cybersecurity. My efficiency has increased by upgrading me to better systems that integrate with all platforms and allows me to rapidly respond to new and existing clients. I no longer worry about technical or cybersecurity problems, SecLex has it covered."

David Sanford

Farmers Insurance Agent


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